Homeopathic Consultation

A homeopathic consultation is quite a bit different than what you experience at a conventional medical office.  Because homeopathy is unique to every individual and treats the whole person, the initial consultation will take about 1.5 to 2 hours.  We will sit together and discuss all aspects of your health and your emotions so I can get to know the essence of you and what needs healing.  There are many remedies to consider and I need to match the picture of you to the characteristics of a homeopathic medicine or “remedy”.  Once a remedy is decided upon, treatment will begin.  Follow up sessions are generally booked within 2-4 weeks after taking the remedy to see how things are going.  Once healing is underway, follow ups occur at gradually longer intervals.

Prior to your first appointment, you will fill out a detailed health history questionnaire and send it back to me.  This gives you time to think about all the issues and complaints that may need to be treated, and helps you put the list into a chronological order in which they occurred.  This also allows me time to review your health history in preparation for our initial consult.