“I started seeking Erica’s help for her massage expertise for my ailing left shoulder that was already affecting my back. I have been with a lot of massage therapists but Erica is by far an expert in what she does and she knows her techniques. She took my health history and evaluated it to determine what is necessary. She focused on the affected muscle instead of rubbing all the way through, worked at my comfort level and pain tolerance, and topped it with a homeopathic remedy that matched my symptoms. Erica is more concerned with my whole being rather than only treating one part of my body. Her integrated therapy treatment helped a lot in the healing process of my left shoulder and of my body as a whole. I am blessed to have her as my therapist and homeopath.” – Espie

“I have been seeing Erica regularly for almost a year now. After going through a back surgery and completing a course of physical therapy I still had some residual pain in my lower back. In addition, I was having pain in my neck and shoulder resulting in a significant limitation of the range of motion in my neck. The latter was a big concern as it was interfering with my daily activities and ability to drive and ride my motorcycle. Both my physical therapist and pain management doctor recommended that I see a massage therapist for relief. Another massage therapist I knew from out of the area recommended I see Erica. I was impressed with her credentials and scheduled an appointment for a whole body massage.

Before proceeding Erica interviewed me to find out what my issues were and what I was hoping to accomplish. The whole body massage was wonderful and Erica quickly learned what my limitations were. Following that initial experience Erica suggested that to alleviate the pain and improve my range of motion I would need to come on a regular basis and that she would focus her therapy on my neck and shoulder. As time progressed I started getting results which were very encouraging. I also learned about her homeopathic background and took her suggestion to utilize the remedy she prepared as well. While my condition continued to improve I still was experiencing pain and restriction of motion. As a result Erica continually researched and came up with new techniques to further my progress. At this point in time my shoulder pain has almost completely resolved and my range of motion is about double what it was when I first started.

Based upon my experience I highly recommend Erica for anyone who has a special need or is just looking for a relaxing massage.” – Gregg