Welcome to my recommended products page! I get many questions about what products I recommend and thought it would be easier to list them here for your convenience.

Still Point Inducer
This product is the original! The only one I recommend. The still point inducer helps to relieve headaches and neck pain.  It is great home care for those individuals with neck issues and for when you need an overall reset to the central nervous system.

Therabeads Duro Med Moist Heat Pack
This is the brand that I use in my practice and I have used it for years.  It has held up extremely well compared to some other brands I have tried.  Conveniently heated in the microwave; moist heat is the most effective heat therapy for tight, sore muscles.

Body Works Ball
When my clients need relief in between massage sessions, I recommend they use a ball against the wall or on the floor to relieve the trigger point causing pain.  This is a really great option because it has a rope attached to it so you can adjust it to where you need it most.  I own one of these myself and use it regularly.

Pain Terminator Cream
I highly recommend this muscle pain cream over Bio Freeze.  I will advise you to wear gloves or wash your hands extremely well after you apply this cream as it is very strong and if you get it in mucous membranes it will burn.  If you are under homeopathic care, please do not use this cream, instead use the homeopathic Arnica cream below.

Boiron Arnica Gel
Homeopathic muscle pain relief gel for those who wish to adhere strictly to homeopathic products.   Arnica works with your body to stimulate your own body to heal itself.

Homeopathic Tissue Salts
For convenience to my homeopathy clients, here are some links so you can order directly what I have prescribed for you.
Mag. Phos:
Ferr. Phos:
Nat Phos:
Kali Phos:

The Complete Homeopathy Handbook by Miranda Castro
If you are interested in learning more about homeopathy, or looking to treat simple, common ailments yourself at home, this book is a great way to get started.  It covers many usual, everyday complaints and how to treat them safely and effectively with homeopathy.  Please note: This does not take the place of professional homeopathic care.


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